Diesel & Gasoline


Maus and Son, Inc. can deliver ultra-low sulfur diesel for your commercial business or generator throughout our greater East Haddam service area.

Whether you have a transportation, agricultural, marine or construction business, you can trust Maus and Son for all your fuel needs.  

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High-quality gasoline delivered to your fleet, equipment yard, or dispatch center can help your business operate
efficiently, and with fewer surprises. Did you know that Maus & Son, Inc. has been delivering gasoline to local
businesses in Connecticut for nearly 50 years?

Using a high-quality gasoline can also be crucial to the operation of your business, especially if you operate any of
the following:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Large trucks or buses
  • Construction equipment
  • Many types of industrial machinery and transportation vehicles

Our clean fleet will keep your commercial tanks filled and your fleets ready for dispatch.

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