Automatic Delivery

For Maus & Son customers who enjoy convenience and value, automatic fuel delivery is just that. By tracking your annual usage, we are able to determine when your fuel oil tank should be filled, thus leaving your oil tank with a su­fficient amount of fuel to heat your home, and/or hot water, all year long.

Benefits of Automatic Oil Delivery

If you knew that a service was convenient and absolutely FREE of additional charge, wouldn’t you sign up? That’s exactly what automatic fuel oil delivery is all about. Instead of constantly checking the fuel oil level of your tank, you can relax knowing that Maus & Son will make your next delivery on time. You’ll never have to wake up in the middle of the night to the unhappy realization that your family is cold because you forgot to order fuel oil.

How Automatic Delivery Works

We schedule deliveries based on your fuel oil usage through the years and input from our computerized “degree-day” system, which records daily temperatures and provides accurate tracking of your supply. You can sit back and relax, knowing we have you covered. When you choose automatic delivery, you also become eligible for valuable extras like our Budget Plan, which lets you spread out your home heating oil prices and avoid market price spikes.

To sign up for automatic fuel oil delivery, contact us here or call (860) 873-8454.