Monthly Budget Plan

Worry-Free Budget Plan

Do you consider your heating oil a ‘utility’ expense?  Our Worry-Free Budget Plan makes heating with fuel oil easy and predictable.  Most of our customers prefer even monthly payments over 11 months instead of paying for a year’s worth of fuel oil in just six or seven months. We help predict your monthly payments based on your annual fuel oil usage, current market prices, and seasonal fluctuations.  We can even add your heating service plan to your monthly payment!

Easy, Convenient Fuel Payments

  • Make one fuel oil payment a month for 11 months
  • No finance charges when you make timely fuel oil payments
  • We will adjust for any credits or balances due at the end of the budget period
  • You can include the cost of your service plan
  • Fewer surprises during the winter months
  • Relax with automatic fuel oil delivery

To enroll in our Budget Plan, contact our office today!

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