UV Air Purification

If you’re concerned with viruses, bacteria, mold, or general indoor air quality, Maus & Son is your trusted provider for a healthier solution.

Today’s world is filled with unseen, potentially harmful airborne contaminants.  Whether you have a ducted central-air heating and cooling system, heat from a hydronic boiler, wood stove, or electric heating system, there are options for improving your indoor air quality.

How They Work

Just like a hospital or medical facility disinfects tools by subjecting them to ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria and viruses, you can achieve a similar result for your home air by circulating through an ultraviolet, germicidal lighting system.

When placed inside the ductwork, the UV light for HVAC systems sterilizes, or neutralizes, most contaminants as they pass the UV lamp.  The in-duct air purifier models work with your forced air system 24 hours a day, or whenever your heating or cooling system is circulating air.

For homes without duct work, you have an option too!  Portable air purifiers provide increased air quality in smaller spaces like your bedroom, living room, child’s nursery, or other living space. These systems operate on demand, so you’re in control of how often they run.


What are the benefits of UV Air Purification?

  • Kills and reduces airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi
  • Eliminates mold growth on air conditioning coil
  • Prolongs the life and maintains efficiency of the equipment
  • The right model for virtually any heating system
  • FREE installation estimates
  • Installation is fast
  • Operational costs are pennies per day for ducted systems


Air Filtration

Additionally, air filtration is a significant aspect to improving your indoor air quality.  Most central air systems have a filter system included to keep the system operating effectively.  A basic filtration system does remove significant dust but you can upgrade the system to catch finer particulates.

Whole Home Approach with Maus & Son

Whatever the need, Maus and Son has a solution to complement your existing heating system.  We can service the systems, inspect their operational effectiveness, repair and replace lamp elements, recommend filtration systems or anything between.  Don’t hesitate to call us at 860.873.8454.

Solutions For All Homes!

Maus & Son is proud to offer a full suite of home comfort needs, including Air Purification Systems with filtration and germicidal Ultra Violet elements, to Connecticut homeowners throughout our service area. As a licensed HVAC and Plumbing service provider, trust that our technicians take pride providing the best equipment for your home health and comfort.

Contact our office to learn more about our full-service UV Air Purification Systems and to set up your service or installation today!